Clean & Simple Boutique Cards

Clean & Simple Boutique Cards

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Today’s card is inspired by AECP course  Clean & Simple Boutique Cards.

I love handmade cards doesn’t look handmade. To me, I get that feeling from hot embossing or foiling, especially when it is clean.
I chose a the Mini Thanks Stamp Set and embossed it in gold. Above and below the sentiment I debossed stripes with… scoring board! I don’t have a die cut machine but a scoring board is a great way to create straight line embossing. The debossing was done with the inside of the card facing up, otherwise the stripes were embossed.


Some tips for this card:

  • Your scoring board can be used for more things then scoring. You can create geometric patterns like squares, triangles and more!
  • If you are trying to get an elegant look, use the thickest cardstock you find. On this card I used 300gsm paper.
  • For a clean hot embossing, remember to use anti-static tool to prevent the powder from sticking to the paper where you don’t it.
  • Hot embossing powders come not only in different colors but also in different granules sizes. Some are really delicate and some have thick granules designed for mixed media. If your stamp has small details, you should choose a powder that is super fine or equivalent.

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  1. Erum Tasneem

    This is just perfect!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery. Well done!

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