Daniella Karni-Harel

senior full-stack developer


Daniella Karni-Harel
Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • MySql
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Javascript
  • WordPress

Technologies & skills

  • Independent
  • Management Skills
  • Human Relations
  • Creativity


Designing and developing solutions for complex subscriptions management.

Senior Back-End Developer

Elementor 9.2020 - current

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Center for Educational Technology 3.2018 - 9.2020

Designing and developing products for online learning. Building online platforms for cooperative learning and integrating them into existing learning solutions.

Developing web service with complex algorithms, full API for mobile applications integration, and internal tools.

Senior Software Developer

Lotus Clear Air 9.2014 - 3.2018

Senior Software Developer

Opentech 4.2015 - 7.2017

Developing digital solutions for multiple clients. Creating web services for mobile applications, integrations for websites with internal tools, and more.

CPQ project manager. Designing and developing solutions for online sophisticated configurators and integrating with Salesforce. Point of contact for customers and integration partners.

Senior Software Developer

Signature-IT 4.2012 - 9.2014

Software Developer

Mendele HeBooks 9.2011 - 1.2013

Automation of conversion books to e-books. Overcoming cross-devices, right-to-left challenges. Conversion and upgrading the database. Self-learning and working with new technologies.

Combining my profession with my love for animals by creating a software to manage vetrinary records.

Volunteering Developer

Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary 9.2011 - 11.2011


MediaMind 3.2010 - 8.2011

Software engineer for online advertising campaigns. Designing, developing and maintaining small projects for VIP clients. Researching new technologies to offer our clients advanced solutions and technological advantage. Developing solutions for all stages of the advertising life cycle, from ad creating to collecting data and analysis.

Design and Implementation of a coexistence model for connecting various mainframe computers and developing Tools for the automation of manual work processes. Departmental Expert and Knowledge Hub for tools and technologies, providing support and training. Outstanding Employee of the Year, 2008.

Software Integrator

Aman Computers 2.2007 - 3.2010


IDF 1.2002 - 12.2006

Development and maintenance of human-resources systems in a mainframe environment, for systems with thousands of end-users. Systems Analysis and development of supporting tools for software systems in a mainframe environment. Adapting legacy systems to web environment. Training development for internal customers and for the IDF School of Computer Professions (Mamram).


Public Health
Political Index
She Codes


1.2015 - CURRENT
  • Coding
  • Crafts
  • Photography
  • Coffee

hobbies & interests

  • Science fiction
  • Reading
  • Nature