AECP Level 2 Final Challenge – Part 2

AECP Level 2 Final Challenge – Part 2

Hi everyone, 
Welcome to the second part of AECP level 2 final challenge! In this part I will share with you a tutorial for altered notebooks. I recently purchased blank notebooks which I intended to upgrade and give as gifts for my crafty friends. For this project I’ve used Altenew Framed Friendship Stamptember 2020 Exclusive, and my new favorite, You Are Beautiful Stamp Set.

I start by using the anti-static powder generously. The texture of these notebooks is not smooth and I don’t want the powder to stick to the surface.

The notebook itself is too large to fit into the stamping positioner. I’m using the mat from a second positioner to raise the mat to the level of the frame.

If you don’t have a second tool, you can use anything that will level the frame with the mat – for example, several pieces of chipboard. 

Now, I don’t have the frame to help me straighten the project.
I used a small ruler and placed it between the frame and mat to create a “wall” to push against. 

You can now open the notebook and place the cover in the stamp positioner. I’m using the ruler and the spiral binder to position the notebook. 

The notebook is about the same height as the frame. You can play with the spiral binder to compensate for the difference, or place something underneath.  

When the cover is positioned, I use washi to secure it to the stamp positioner. The magnets won’t hold here. 
I also remove the ruler to allow the tool to close. 

Position the stamps as you wish. You can do them one by one, but in this case I placed them all together. 

Closing the lid is a bit tricky. The thick stamps prevents the lid to close properly. Just give it a little pressure to pick them all up. 

I ink the stamps one by one with embossing ink. I find it easier to start with the stamp closest to the hinges. Ink and stamp it, then remove and continue to the next stamp.

After they were all stamped I can remove the tape and take the notebook out of the stamp positioner.

I place the notebook on a sheet of paper – it’s a big area to cover with embossing powder.

After discarding the powder access, the notebook is almost ready for the heat gun! But I noticed a few stranded grains that I want to clean.

I used to use a small brush to clean the powder but I was too afraid to get close to the stamped image.
A nice method I discovered is to use jewel picker tool. 

Most of the jewel picker tools have a small, sticky end. it is perfect for picking up the grains inside the stamped image without damaging it. 

Don’t forget to clean the tool after so you can use it again for the original purpose.

After cleaning, I prepared a surface on which to heat emboss. If you thought that it was the easy part, you are mistaken. the spiral binder gets extremely hot very fast!
You can set it on your usual heat embossing surface. I usually use some leftover construction wood. Today, I created with it a space for the spiral binder. 

Work with the heat gun as you always do, to heat all of the powder. Be careful not to touch the binder.  

Let it cool after you’re done. The spiral binder remains hot for a few minutes.

After it cooled down, I wipe the notebook with a cloth to remove the anti-static powder and return the notebook to the original black.

I’ve prepared another notebook, and this time I used masking paper to overlap the flower with the leaves.  

That’s it! Hope you had fun reading this tutorial and I hope I gave you a few useful tips!
If you’ve tried this method please share with me the results!

Check out the card set I created for the first part of the AECP challenge!  

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    Absolutely stunning projects!!
    Thank you for submitting your beautiful work to the AECP assignment gallery

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