AECP Level 1 Final Challenge

AECP Level 1 Final Challenge

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Hi All,
I’m so excited to share with you my final challenge at AECP course level 1. 

The task was to create two sets of cards, a masculine set and a feminine set. Personally, I strongly believe that colors and patterns should not be gendered. I wish our society would allow little girls to enjoy super heroes in strong colors, and for boys to choose wearing the sweet pink unicorn shirt. With that in mind, I chose to create two sets that all genders will be happy to receive. I hope you’ll enjoy this post about the process and the results.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

I was asked to choose three main components to use in the project. The components I’ve focused on are:
1. Over all look and styling from Clean & Simple Boutique Cards: I’ve learned a lot from this class and it is my favorite class so far. I’ve tried to keep all of the cards clean yet interesting.
2. Heat embossing and embellishments from Let It Shine: This class encouraged me to get my heat gun and to use my embossing powders more. Thanks to this class, all of the cards have embossing on them and sequins for embellishment. 
3. Stamping and Layering from All About Layering 1 & 2: I really improved my stamping techniques with these classes. I’ve implemented these techniques when creating the cards.


Planning is everything!  
I went through my stash and chose ink colors, embossing powders and embellishments. All of these cards were made with either Shades of Purple Mini Cube Set or Coffee Break Mini Cube Set.
I also selected which stamps & stencils are going to be used. I then sketched the cards and thought about how to use the products. Although most of them came out differently than I originally thought, I’m still happy with the results. Check out the cards for some more tips

The Cards (And Some Tips!)

thinking of you

There are several elements which can tie together a set. The Easiest is of course color, but another is typography. For a cohesive look, I’ve used the Painted Greetings Stamp Set in all of the cards.  
This card was made with the Weave Builder Stencil.


For beautiful thin lines, use an embossing pen and a ruler. It is very easy to create a frame or other decorative elements.   
This card was made with the Bells and Bows Stamp Set.


Does your cutting mat come with a painted grid? You can easily use it to align washi tape for simple line masking!

just for you

Create more depth by using the same stamp with a lighter color in the background of the main stamping. 
This card was made with the Watercolor Roses Stamp Set.

with sympathy

If you don’t have a matching color paper, you can just apply the ink directly to a white cardstock and paint it as you wish!
This card was made with Dot Botanicals Stamp Set.


Match your embellishments to your sentiments by embossing them. To avoid areas without embossing powder, adhere your embellishment with temporary glue to a bigger piece of paper which you can hold when using the powder and the heat gun.
This card was made with a hexagon punch.

just because

For single-layer cards, it is best to use heavy, high-quality paper.

Check out how to make this simple card in this tutorial!

The Packaging

For the packaging, I wanted to create something minimal and modern.  I chose clean Lines without any embellishments, so the cards can stand out even inside the box.

I used white cardstock to wrap the container and vellum to create the bigger sides.

Building The Packages

Believe it or not, the two boxes were made from a single 1 liter milk carton. After splitting it in half, I’ve adjusted one of the sides to the width of a card. After that came a lot of measuring, drawing, and perhaps some cursing 😉  I did my best to make sure that the vellum adhering will be under a layer of the cardstock and not visible.

Tip: If you are planning to wrap something with an irregular shape, try drawing it first on scrap paper. Then cut it and try to wrap your object and see if it fits. Adjust as needed. When you have a version that fits, you can use it as a template to cut it from the actual wrapping.

In Summary

Wow, that was a lot of work. But I had fun! I did matching cards in the past but never a complete set, not to mention two! I hope you enjoyed the post. Looking forward to see you on the AECP Level 2 assignments 🙂 

Did you make it all the way to the end of the post? maybe you’ll be interested in the tutorial for the “just because” card!

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  1. Karen Brown

    Really nice cards! And your interactive blog post is so cool!

  2. Erum Tasneem

    You followed the Clean and Simple Boutique cards to the T! This is the most CAS card set I have seen! And so pretty too! Though I would have liked variation among the feminine and masculine sets instead of them being a replica of one another for interest and variety.
    I like the way you wrote your blog post, again, that too is done in a very CAS manner! I love it! I have a few that I like a lot!! Your packaging also looks really cool. And, great colour palette!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery.

  3. Teresa Q

    Your cards are stunning and well planned. What an inspiration!

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